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76ers win NBA draft lottery, Lakers will pick second

We would have gotten over it and moved on to the summer, but that would have been disappointing."

The Los Angeles Lakers finished second but also felt like winners, as they would have dealt their pick to Philadelphia had they fallen out of the top three.

The Boston Celtics, with a pick dealt to them by the Brooklyn Nets, remained in the No. It gives us the injection we need."

They got a huge victory Tuesday night, and maybe the wins on the court will soon follow.

Their win certainly won't quiet those believers in lottery conspiracies, as former 76ers center Dikembe Mutombo -- who works for the NBA as a global ambassador -- accidentally tweeted congratulations on their victory about four hours earlier. 13.

"We can now make the decision all by ourselves," said Brown, who is 47-199 in his three seasons. They went 17-65 in Kobe Bryant's final season.

The 76ers finished 10-72, just off the worst record in the history of the 82-game schedule, and had a 26.9 percent chance of landing the No. Hopefully the last time we're in the lottery," Embiid tweeted.

Lottery night was always going to be the highlight ฝากเงิน fun88 of this season for the 76ers, who started it on a freefall that never stopped. I think this validates some of the pain we went through."

They would have garnered another top-five selection had the Lakers tumbled a couple of spots, since they would have been entitled to the pick the Lakers originally dealt to Phoenix for Steve Nash that the 76ers later acquired in another trade.

The 76ers won the NBA draft lottery, giving them the No. You can't camouflage it," said coach Brett Brown, who represented the 76ers on stage. 3 in the previous two drafts during a three-year process where the focus was more on building for the future than trying to win in the present.

Nobody moved up in the lottery, which sets the top three picks. The Suns picked up another lottery pick when Washington fell out of the top 10 to No. 2 pick for the second straight year after taking D'Angelo Russell last June. "The city has been incredibly patient, tolerant, choose any word you want. The Celtics can swap picks with the Nets next year, and own their first-round pick in 2018, all as payment for the trade that sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn in 2013.

They never attempted to put a competitive team on the court under general manager Sam Hinkie, who resigned in April after overseeing a plan to accumulate draft picks but not wins. "Because of the contingencies of the deal, there was a significant chance we would lose the pick. "It could have been worse, it could have been better. ... They also have the 24th and 26th picks in the first round, and their young players are expected to be joined perhaps next season by Joel Embiid and Dario Saric, who were previously drafted by Hinkie but haven't played in the NBA, with Embiid sidelined by foot injuries and Saric remaining in Europe.

"There's a lot more things to be disappointed about on this night," general manager Danny Ainge said. 1 pick (their own 25 percent chance, and Sacramento's 1.9 percent chance, since the 76ers had the right to swap picks with the Kings from a previous trade.)

"It's been a long year," Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said. He sent a subsequent tweet saying he was just excited but was keeping his fingers crossed.

The draft is June 23 in New York, with LSU's Ben Simmons and Duke's Brandon Ingram considered the top two picks.

The Philadelphia 76ers have lost big for three years, when they appeared to value draft picks more than players.

"Trust the process. The remainder of the 14 teams are slotted in the inverse order of their won-loss record.

The Lakers will have the No. That would have been disappointing. It is what it is and we'll move on and do the best we can to build a great team."

Phoenix will pick fourth, followed by Minnesota, New Orleans and Denver. "We don't have to wait and see what someone else does. 3 slot.

"I want to let people know there was no conspiracy," Mutombo told The Associated Press in a phone interview, saying it was a mistake and that he thought "a lot of people understood the error that was made."

"The pain that we've all gone through, the pain of losing is real. 1 selection in June.


Boston can add another good piece to a team that won 48 games this season, and might not be done getting lottery picks from the Nets. They started 0-18, finishing a 28-game skid dating to 2014-15, en route to a 10-72 record that was just a game better than the all-time worst in an 82-game season.

Philadelphia certainly won't complain, not after doing no better than No


Free Fantasy Sports Streak Games and Contests with Cash and Prizes

If you get your pick correct, your streak goes up. It doesn't take a lot of time and it is a contest that a smart sports fan has a reasonable shot at winning. See the table to the right for a breakdown of the prizes.

Only having the option of picking one game a day makes this contest one of my favorites. Basketball and football include picking ATS (against the spread), which makes the closest thing to actually betting on sports on this list.

The ultimate goal is to build a streak of 24 correct picks for the overall grand prize of $100,000.

Many of the picks fun788 are not just picking which team will win. My longest streak was seven in a row and my girlfriend had 11 in a row during basketball season. You do not have to pick everyday, but you must pick once every six days to keep your streak alive.. Other prizes are available for smaller streaks. If you get it wrong, your streak resets to zero. Each day you can make one pick from a list of games that chooses. We have found that during basketball season it was much easier to find a good pick than it has been during baseball season. is a sports betting information website that runs a free streak style contest with a top prize of $100,000


5 myths of sports betting legalization

Since sports gambling is currently something that happens in the shadows, problem gamblers are likely to hide in that shadow until it is too late.

At any rate, I really don't see legalized sports betting in other states having a big impact on the sports betting business in Vegas.

The topic of federal legalization of sports betting has been brought up before, but it has gained steam since Adam Silver's November New York Times op-ed and after Silver's cover story in ESPN The Magazine's Gambling Issue. The U.S. Legalized sports betting would elevate these now somewhat esoteric notions into the mainstream conversation about sports. I will likely have to put money on deposit to do so. This credit relationship will be hard for many gamblers to give up.

When I think about the best way to legalize sports gambling from a logistical standpoint, I get a headache. "The Donaghy controversy also made me aware how important it is that we have a way of monitoring irregular activity on our games," Silver said. 2: It will create more "problem gamblers"

Once games happen, the stats are public domain. In fact, there's an argument that exposing more people to sports gambling in their native states will make the general concept of sports gambling more approachable, ultimately leading to a larger overall percentage of sports fans-turned-gamblers.

Here are the top five myths about legalizing sports betting and why they're wrong:

And I have heard some mention licensing fees for data, but haven't we already covered that in lawsuits against both the NBA and Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM)? In both cases, statistics and data were ruled to be public, not a private asset for which the leagues could charge a license fee.

Mr. Yes, trademark images and logos would be a different story, so I could see the leagues getting marketing deals, but I don't see that as a huge windfall for the leagues.

In addition, game fixing would be easier in a world where fewer people track or are even aware of things like point spreads and over/under bets. It's a pretty reasonable assumption that it's easier to fix a game in an environment where most of the money wagered is impossible to discover or track by the government. Purdum, an expert on the subject, has been vocal in his belief that online sports gambling will need to be a big part of the new legalization plan, and I share his belief, as betting on a phone and computer is simply much more convenient than driving to a brick-and-mortar sports book and making a wager. 5: It will create greater risk for game fixing

Furthermore, once sports betting becomes legal the negative stigma behind it will eventually disappear, which will make it a bit easier for problem gamblers to ask for help. This is the type of financial recklessness associated with problem gambling.

Since bookies will not have to pay taxes or licensing fees, they will be able to offer better margins or incentives to their customers. I am concerned that the overall pie, even with online gambling, may not be large enough for the leagues to make the money they are hoping for.

While it seems that the question of legalizing sports betting presently is more of an if than a when, there remains a great deal of uncertainty regarding what it would look like. When I lose this money, it's gone, and I can't bet until I put more money on deposit. In addition, asking for a percentage based on the overall handle (total amount wagered) will cut into the margin of the sports books too significantly.. Sen. bookmaking powerhouse William Hill has already set up an operation in New Jersey, and MGM CEO Jim Murren has said his company is interested in expansion.

There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding legalization of sports gambling in the U.S., and it will be fascinating to watch how it unfolds in the next few years. But let's say I have a bad losing streak and end up down more than $1,000. This is not how most bookies work. 1: It will result in large revenue for the leagues

I see the same trend happening if sports betting gets legalized in the U.S. Concerts, shows, high-end nightclubs and restaurants draw people to Vegas as much as the gambling does. These days, most bookies provide both a phone number and website where bets can be made. Many bookies will allow me to get more credit and continue to gamble. Whyte, executive director of the NCPG, told my ESPN colleague David Purdum.

In that time span, we all know that Vegas has flourished. Illegal gambling is one of the factors that's associated with gambling addiction," Keith S. If it's legalized, there will be huge changes, but some assumptions are simply off.

This is the easiest myth to dispel. District Court Judge Mary Ann Medler ruled in favor of CBC, stating that "statistics are part of the public domain and can be used at no cost by fantasy companies." One would infer that the same would apply to legal bookmaking operations.

My answer is a solid maybe. Illegal sports betting has some characteristics that can lead to problem gambling more than legal betting would.

Here's an example. There are going to be a lot of hands in the cookie jar. U.S. In the latter case, I set up a credit arrangement with Illegal Book B and we agree that I will pay every time I go over $1,000. The two biggest reasons people bet with bookies (beyond the lack of alternatives) are the convenience and the line of credit. First off, the government will only legalize if it is going to get significant revenue. In order to grow the pie large enough, these conveniences must be provided to gamblers. The experience of going to Vegas is becoming less and less about putting down a sports bet and more and more about the experience of everything else. Say I set up an account with Legal Sportsbook A. John McCain (R-Ariz.) also recently said that Congress needs to hold hearings to discuss legalizing sports betting.

I understand the argument that legalized sports betting could expose more people to gambling and the increased ease and access will create more problem gamblers, but I simply don't buy it. (It's common for bookies to offer rebates to their big customers.) This will be difficult for legal bookmakers to compete with.

Those who believe this simply don't understand how sports betting with a bookie works. 4: It will damage the sports betting business in Las Vegas

"One of the things that makes sports betting so interesting is that it is probably by far the most widely participated in form of illegal gambling. "But for the FBI knocking on our door and notifying us about Donaghy's betting, none of the systems that we then had in place had captured any betting by Tim Donaghy."

Myth No. This mirrors a similar concern that some had 25 years ago when Indian and commercial casinos began sprouting up all over the U.S.

The National Council on Problem Gamblers has found that problem gamblers are most often involved in illegal gambling, so moving toward a model where more gamblers are doing it legally can only help.

There is simply no way the leagues could ask for a percentage piece of gambling revenue, as this would result in a huge conflict of interest. 3: It will put local illegal bookies out of business

In the most relevant case, CBC, the parent company of CDM Sports, a fantasy provider, sued MLBAM after being denied a new fantasy sports license. If something shady were to occur in a game around a betting proposition, raised awareness by the public about gambling in general would help highlight any improprieties before, during and after the match.

Until many of these questions are answered, it will be difficult to draw any hard conclusions about the ramifications of legalized sports gambling in the U.S. However, there are certainly some myths that I believe can be dispelled.

Myth No. operation for the U.K. Are fewer people gambling because they can do it in their home state?

Silver echoed this sentiment when discussing his personal revelation in an exclusive interview with ESPN. This year, it is on pace to welcome a record 40 million visitors. Second, operators will need to run a cost-effective business, which may prove difficult if there are a lot of other hands to feed besides the government.

Myth No.

Those betting with bookies have predetermined settlement terms. In the past two decades, although total revenue has risen, percentage of revenue from gambling has decreased from close to 60 percent to last year's 38 percent. In addition, customers are far more inclined to place a wager when they don't have to put any money down.

Las Vegas sports book operators are already looking to expand to other states. Those who believe that legalized sports betting will lead to more risk of game fixing simply don't understand why games are fixed.

Myth No. Vegas has had to reinvent itself as a place that is about more than just gambling. There are no credit checks or margin calls until it is time for me to pay. Maybe more so.

The real value for them will be potential marketing dollars and increased fan engagement, not licensing fees for data or direct revenue from wagering.

The thought process here is that with legalized sports betting available locally, there will be less interest in making the trek to Sin City to wager on sports. How will it be regulated? How involved will the government be? Will it be federal enforcement or on a state level?

Myth No. Some are based on a time frame, while others are based on going over agreed-upon limits


Tipping Slot Attendants In Las Vegas

Did the slot attendant pitch in on the money I put in the machine? No. For what? The slot attendant did nothing but take 3 minutes of her time to pay me my earnings. Image Credit: (Flickr/sophistechate)

Become A Slot Tech In Las Vegas

All Day Long Buffets In Las Vegas

The casinos that have tried to the no tipping policy have paid higher than minimum wage to their workers, but it was still not enough.

A slot attendant always needs to be polite and courteous to players regardless of whether they receive a tip or not. I also do not have to stumble with placing 2-3 quarters in her hand each time she brings me a new drink.

Further Thoughts on Slot Attendants

Whether you choose to tip the slot attendants or not is a very personal choice. I then usually receive many drinks and get them without waiting. Most of them will lose. Good tips can encourage great customer service. A lot of their income is based on tips. The problem though, is that in order to survive the slot attendant needs to receive tips.

If I have to tip a slot attendant to keep him or her happy then I will simply spend my money elsewhere. You should decide for yourself whether you want to tip a slot attendant. Did the slot attendant give me money last week when I lost money?

The debate has raged on for years. The cocktail waitresses, the slot attendants, and all other casino personnel have no incentive to be friendly, prompt, and courteous to the casino patrons.

If you go to the same casino to play on a regular basis, a repeat customer, then you should always tip the slot attendants. Out of all of these customers, one may hit a jackpot. They can point you out too machines that tend to pay off more often. Slot attendants do not deserve a tip and never have.

If you win a jackpot and don't tip the slot attendant, and then receive poor and rude service from the slot attendant, quit playing. Instead, the casino wants to verify that the win is authentic, and then have the slot attendant pay me my winnings.

Many people who like to tip say "well the slot attendant pointed out the good machines too use". Maybe in the old days, before all of this new computer generated tickets, I would consider tipping the slot attendant. The customer then thinks they won because the slot attendant pointed them too the machine originally.

Most slot attendants will tend to be courteous, even if you do no tip them. Many people feel if they hit a jackpot, regardless of the size, they should tip the slot attendant because he or she was the one that paid out the jackpot. Explain to them how you won a mini-jackpot and was going to keep gambling here but instead you are taking your winnings to a different casino to play because you are tired of the slot attendant who is very rude too you, simply because you did not give her a tip.. It is all luck.

If this happens multiple times a casino will then either retrain the slot attendants in customer service skills or fire them.

As for the other casino staff such as cocktail waitresses and blackjack dealers, if you tip or not is up too you. Cash out your machine and find a floor supervisor or manager. I tend to give a large tip too the cocktail waitress the first time I see her. They can get you paid out faster, and they will let the cocktail waitresses know that you tip so your drinks will come more often without waiting.

Others suggest that tipping the slot attendant is a waste of money and will never do it.

Their have been casinos in the past that have tried a no tipping policy. Tipping slot attendants is simply the right thing too do.

Just because I won a $500 jackpot does not mean that I am ahead $500. Casinos want players to keep playing after they win a jackpot, not pack up and move to a competitor's casino.

Yes, You Should Always Tip the Slot Attendants

Slot Attendants generally work for minimum wage. It is very hard to survive in Las Vegas on minimum wage.

The debate on whether you should tip your slot attendant or not rages on. These people feel that the only thing the slot attendant did is put a ticket in the machine and count out your cash.

Tipping is very personal, at the restaurant if you are not a regular tipper but you always eat there, then be prepared to have mucus in your food.

It is a scam. Every time those casino policies have failed. Each night the slot attendants play a game of numbers. That means I am still down $200, and the slot attendant wants a tip. On the same token, if you feel a customer does not receive a tip then do not tip them. I may have lost $700 before I won the jackpot. You should never feel forced to tip a slot attendant. I don't think so.

The slot attendant will then stare at you, hoping for tip. They point many customers to many different machines.

In todays world the casino could just as easily have the machine spit out a ticket and then I could take it to the cashiers' cage to redeem my earnings. I call hors manure on that. As For Slot attendants, the only thing they can do is be rude too you. The slot attendants do not know any better then you do which gaming machines are the best too use. Here are both sides to the story.

No, Don't Ever Tip the Slot Attendants

I gamble my own money, I get lucky and win $500, and now I am suppose to tip the slot attendant who simply paid me the cash? It is a scam. If your slot attendant is rude, cash out, talk to a floor supervisor, and then move onto a new casino.

If you feel that you have received excellent customer service in a casino and want to tip the person or people, then go right ahead


Minnesota man's mistake leads to winning poker's top prize

Pham said the guidance from his fellow players at the table helped, and he studied up the night in between. Players can also draw cards.

On Friday, he was $81,314 richer and held up his gold bracelet, the tournament's version of a Super Bowl ring, and stood on stage as tournament organizers and players stood for the playing of Vietnam's national anthem. He didn't know it would be a fortuitous one.

Pham moved 15 years ago from Vietnam to Minnesota, where he delivered newspapers. Different strategies," said Shawn Harris, Pham's dealer at the final table.

Essentially, the goal is to have the lowest poker hand, no straights or flushes, and if a player ends up with a pair, it's better if it's a pair of twos. When he won a hand with the best set of cards one can get in the game -- a two, three, four, five and seven -- he said Pham seemed confused that he happened to be holding the most desired combination of cards.

. The cost? A $1,500 buy-in.

LAS VEGAS -  It's one thing to outlast hundreds or thousands of poker players to win one of the World Series of Poker's 68 events and the Las Vegas tournament's coveted gold bracelet.

"At first you suspect an act, but if it was, it was very good," said Chris Mecklin who was sitting next to Pham when the game's newbie realized he had made a mistake. By accident.

Mecklin said it became clear that Pham was an experienced player, just not in this game. In the end, he said it was his tournament acumen for when and how much to bet and manage his chips that got him to the top.

The next day, Mecklin signed into to check on the game's results.

It's another thing entirely to win a game you've never played before.

The event was just one of 68, all offering a chance at a golden bracelet prize, happening in Las Vegas at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino throughout the 51-day World Series of Poker that started on May 27 and culminates with the closely watched Main Event.

"Imagine my surprise when I see the photo of the chip leader!" he said in an email.

He didn't think of poker as a way to make a living, though, and gave it up until 2012.

"It's a totally different game. He panicked, then observed, leaning on helpful players who advised him what beat what.

"After that, I thought this game might be very good to me," he said.

Christian Pham of St. Paul, Minnesota, did exactly that Thursday, rising to the top of 219 players, including a few poker icons. He played his first cash poker game in 2008 and later won second place in a local tournament along with several thousand dollars.

Pham said he didn't realize his mistake until he was dealt five cards instead of the usual two. Every winner of the tournament's 68 events gets to hear his or her anthem of choice.

Then he won a $200 satellite tournament in 2014 that sent him to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker's circuit main event where he won the gold ring and $214,332.

The 40-year-old professional poker player said he intended to play no-limit Texas Hold `em but instead inadvertently signed up for a different game happening the same day: so-called no-limit deuce-to-seven draw lowball. Different mindset

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